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Tours and Safaris in South Africa
You’ve been on one…you’ve been on all…?

There are so many different companies offering Safaris and Tours to wildlife parks, historical sites, places of entertainment and the like that it is a fair question for the prospective tourist to ask whether there are any REAL difference between them – or if one should simply go for the cheapest option?

What can REALLY make one company a better choice than the next?

Here are a few pointers:

• Catering for individual requirements
• Attention to detail
• Quality, knowledge and experience of guides
• Intimate knowledge of different areas (from the inside, not the outside)
• Choice of destinations
• Additional Services
• Passion

Welcome to Bono Tours & Safaris

Bono Tours & Safaris specialize in tailored Tours and Safaris, specifically designed to suit diverse and different individual needs. Our main concern is to ensure that ALL our guests are TOTALLY satisfied, by exceeding their most ambitious expectations.

Our main focus is on Wildlife Safaris, with some significant factors enhancing the Total Customer Experience:

• All our guides can boast a National Diploma in Tourism and Conservation, and have years of experience working in Big Five environments like the world famous Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg National Park. They will astound you with their valuable and entertaining knowledge about wildlife in the area you are visiting – but not only the wildlife aspect: South Africa is internationally renowned for its cultural diversity and historical background; and also in these areas our guides will exceed any expectations you may have.

• Because Bono Tours & Safaris believe in inside information as opposed to acquired knowledge, we use indigenous African knowledge – meaning that guides know the area they are guiding you through from the inside, as a part of it; not from the perspective of an outsider (in some respects a tourist himself). By way of example: Our Sowetan tours are guided by people who are long-standing residents of Soweto, not outsiders who are not part of the “vibe” of the place.

• The choice of activities and destinations is frankly staggering:

Tour Packages:
Pilanesberg National Park, Kruger National ParkThornybush Game Reserve and other areas.

Day Tours:
Soweto Township, Lesedi Cultural Village, Kruger National Park, Pretoria City, Gold Reef City and other areas.

Budget Tours:

Kruger National Park

Sun City:
Day tour and overnight Packages

Additional Services offered

• Panorama Route Tour
• Private Lodges in Kruger National Park
• Madikwe Game Reserve
• Train Tours and Safaris
• Car Hire
• Airport Transfers
• Sabi Sabi Game Reserve


The norm for the quality of guides is set by the owner of Bono Tours and Safaris – Pollen Mashau. 

As a student (Pretoria Technikon studying Nature Conservation), Pollen already showed his interest in matter cultural and historical by working as a volunteer at the Transvaal Museum.

In the late nineties, he was employed at the Kruger National Park as an Interpretative Officer in the Department of Social Ecology; and at the turn of the century, still at Kruger National Park, he became a Field Guide – doing game drives, acting as back-up on day walks, and also carrying responsibility at the information desk, and for the maintenance of vehicles.

Towards the end of 2000 he took up a position as Field Guide at Gametrackers, Pilanesberg National Park, being promoted to Senior Filed Guide in 2003.

In 2005 he became a Field Guide at Golden Leopard Resorts, Pilanesberg National Park, holding this position until starting Bono Tours & Safaris in 2006.

To answer the original question:

Not all Tours and Safaris in South Africa are the same.

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Welcome to Bono Tours & Safaris